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SolidLiquid is a boutique IT company that delivers tailored IT solutions and services to add value to your business. Clients range from financial institutions to not for profit organisations within the Central Queensland and Brisbane areas.​​

We’ll cover how consumer technology has impacted the workplace, how work processes have evolved and how IT plays a crucial role in delivering those changes and helping you analyse, maximise and understand your business.

By providing high quality support at an affordable price specifically tailored to suit each organisation/company’s needs, SolidLiquid utilise the most cost effective options without decreasing efficiency to operate. Working closely and listening to clients' IT solutions are developed by the client for the client.

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Eco Solutions

We provide consulting and solutions to enable clients and businesses to drive measurable financial and environmental benefits.

We are a progressive consultancy that serves many different types of businesses ranging from:

• Information Technology
• Real Estate Professionals
• Finance
• Not For Profits
• Marketing and many other Businesses

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Web Site Design

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on a web site that is only a few pages. It shouldn't be like this.

SolidLiquid offers a range of solutions with a very small cost up front and ongoing hosting fees.​

Simple. Affordable. Effective.


Managed IT

Your network and infrastructure are the heart of your IT system and must be well designed and managed to maximise functionality and effectiveness. Every site and business is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution to a business’s IT needs.

SolidLiquid has experienced hundreds of different IT infrastructures and use best-practice to provide the best in IT and network management.

To satisfy your unique needs, we design and build bespoke IT systems and continually monitor, optimise, and fine-tune these to deliver the most appropriate IT infrastructure and network for your business.



We offer a Remote Server Monitoring service enabling us to monitor the health of your business Microsoft Windows servers and network on a continuous basis. This enables us to quickly identify faults which may develop on your servers and also allows us to proactively identify and resolve potential future problems.

Our staff monitor the health of your servers via our Internet based monitoring software and will frequently spot faults or potential problems before you even realise you have a problem, helping us to ensure the maximum possible up time of your systems.

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